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This was very silly, short, and fun. Great job!


Thanks! I had a blast making it, so I plan on making a "actual game" version of it later this year, keep your eyes peeled 👀


An oddly charming game, being rough around the edges.


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LA Noire 2.0

Fucking glorious


Watch out Rockstar games, I'm coming!!


better than LA noire

I love this game. When do we get Case 2? I need more duckventures!


Hey cortop, I'm glad you like the game!

Unfortunately I'm trying to make a game each week with the Weekly game jam, and I don't think there'll be a suitable theme soon! But who knows, maybe we'll see an episode 2...


That's cool! Ducktective with live on in my heart. Good luck on your weekly game goal :D


GravityFalls anyone? *silence* ok ima gonna eat pop-tart now.


5/5, would coincoin again.


Very unique! I have never played a game with this type of control setup, it was confusing at first, but fun once I figured it out. Great job! :D


I actually really like the control system in this game, it was so unique and extremely fun! Even the story was funny and catchy! 

Oh my god thanks so much!
It's so cool to be able to watch people play the game, thank you for making this video!


Hugh Neutron's 2 fav things…

I don't know if he's a very video games type of guy, but I'm sure he'd like the game!

This is fantastic

Thanks hehe!

This is so funny!

Thanks Dan! I'm glad you had fun :)

Is this any chance inspired by gravity falls?

Hey, I love gravity falls but I didn't remember GF's ducktective until now!

I should have given her the same hat as him, hehe

I can't explain how much I adore this, this is great! really, this game cracked me up!

I'm super glad, thanks!

You did a great job with this and I love the concept. Very challenging.

Thanks! It wasn't supposed to be challenging since you can take your time, I'll see what I can do to change it hehe

I enjoyed this game, easy to learn, challenging, entertaining, cute, and funny!

Hey, I'm glad you like it! :D

This is really cool and cute! Great job.

Thanks Stoozey!