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Left click to use the ninja grappling hook

Fun! love the music and concept<3

Thanks ssaiful, I'm glad you like it!


That was fun!

wow! wanted to let you know it works perfectly on android mobile browser chrome (my cellphone is a huawei j2) Really fun!

Haha, that's unexpected but cool! Thanks!

That was fun!  My only complaint is that I had to restart the game once when the green one got wedged in a tunnel and I couldn't get it to move.

I'm glad you had fun!

I saw this happening when making the game and made the tunnel slightly bigger, but I guess it wasn't enough :'(

Fun concept! my time was 200.877s if you have a learderboard ;)

Thanks! I don't have a leaderboard in-game, but there could be one in the comments hehe!


Das good shit

Muchos merci !