A downloadable game for Windows

In my next game, you live in a nice village that you can ENTIRELY change!

You can change the villagers, the landscape, the buildings, model your own furniture, and so much more!

"Change the villagers" includes appearance, personality, stuff they say, stuff they like, everything!

This is an early prototype of the villager visual edition thing.

Install instructions

Version 0.3

- Improved interface
- Added asymmetry!

Version 0.2

- Added text to say how things work
- Added Undo/redo, with Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y
- Added color history
- Added "lock face details" and Edit/watch options

Version 0.1

- Left click to paint, right click to pick!


Pimp my cat 0.1 45 MB
Pimp my cat 0.2 45 MB
Pimp my cat_0.3.zip 45 MB