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Managed to get to a score of 1032 before stopping.

great game overall, nice little experience!

Whoa, that's a lot! Well played!

Thanks :D

sooo yeah is this game supse to confuse me?...

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed the game in the end!

Unfortunately since I'm making games for game jams, I usually don't have time for a title screen or anything which prepares the player for what they're about to experience, sorry!

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no need to be was one funny ass experience and one of the wierdest game i have ever played ...i just got scared at the beginning because the music was soo loud for me(thus my reaction)...but yeah keep up the great work buddy!


yes please.

something you can fix here there is times where there is 3 bears taking a kit and eventually loosing lol 

Ah, this "wall" can be passed through without taking damage, since it's actually possible to eventually dodge the bear's attack!
When the animation where they try to catch you happens, you can press the arrow key that's displayed at the center of the screen and you won't take damage.

oh thanks for that lol

could not help to make a video of it we must spread this gem 

Whoa, cool! I'm glad you enjoy the game elwacky :)

really enjoy this magical adventure

amazing experience. would highly recommend to everyone I know.

Haha, thanks cheesechild!

this game was something else lol I enjoy the game but if you have plans for it I recommend adding levels or even speeding up the movement as time goes to just make it harder! Let me know what you guys think of the vid and loved the game! Also if there is any other games to check let me know!

Hey DizzY, cool vid! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D

lol thanks! btw i thought the other games part were part of the game and brought me to your facebook page!

Cool! You may get some news before everyone else hehe


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Great game! It's very educational and showed me that it's very hard to be a salmon.


My job here is done ๐Ÿ˜Ž







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i'm in a team already, not sure if i will get inspired. we will seee; u?

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Score : 278


Not bad! That's a lot of potential salmon babies!

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Comedic Genius! I like the addition of the QTE's.  Nice.  Good choice of soundtrack too.

Thanks draeg! I was hoping I could get more animations for the QTEs (or even have one decent set of animations) but I'm afraid I didn't have enough time, oops