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I love the game and everything is fine no bugs, but i’m starting to get bored of the charatcers. I would like to have more charatacers to choose from. Also i would like to have a mode where your the only one in the team and the other team 6. I’m starting to get better and better with this game.

I'm glad you like the game!

Unfortunately I'm satisfied with its current state and I have no intention to add more characters or develop something else for it, sorry!

Will the game have an online mode?

Nope, that's too much work!


Glad to see you listened to the player feedback.

The team color rings, arrow pointing to the score goal and instructions are a great improvement!

I do listen to feedback, especially to yours! Thank you for helping me make my games better!




Council be balling?


nice game
Can we have different name highlights for enemy team.
Its hard to differentiate the opposing team.

Great game!

I thought I was doing well in the game until the end of the match. As I celebrated my team victory I noticed we had actually lost. I had been scoring in the wrong side of the court! XD

In the middle of the action I completely forgot which side I was supposed to score in hahaha!

I don't know if you can add a color marker to know who are my teammates as well as where I'm supposed to send the ball to. Something as simple as a red arrow for the red team and a blue arrow for the blue team would be useful!