A downloadable tool for Windows

DesktopShark is a new high-tech software which will liven up your computer, and remind you of important things!

The cute shark will appear above all other windows, and send you custom messages frequently.

When clicked on, the shark will do a SICK BACKFLIP!
Right click moves the window, and middle click rotates the "camera".

The shark is customizable, as you can replace its texture and really make it your own! A readme.txt file is included with instructions.

The application has a very small impact on performances, and can run on most systems (windows only, though!)

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AuthorMon amiral
TagsCute, desktop, Funny, Meme, shark


DesktopShark.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Extract the folder anywhere and run the .exe, that's it!

If you want the app to start automatically, you must:
- Press the Windows + R keys. A window should open.
- Type: shell:startup. Another window should open, in a specific folder.
- Create a shortcut of DesktopShark.exe and put it in the folder.

Next time you start your computer, the application will run automatically!
Just remove the shortcut if you want it to stop.


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How do you get rid of redundant windows, polymorphic windows?

I love it


Looks good, but for me it launched as in window. 

Maybe my Intel HD integrated graphics on laptop is .. not so modern. Win7,64bit.

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Hey ZaRR, this issue sometimes happens when the application loads while you're focused on another window.

Please make sure you start the app, maybe click on it once, and wait for it to finish loading before you switch to another window :)

Tried. Same effect. Again, probably my laptop specs, so no worries.

What do you use to make this?

I use Unity with some specific windows stuff to hide the border and make the background of the game invisible!

I misplaced the sources but I'll try to see if I can find them :)

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Oh, thank you very much, I'm a computer enthusiast, I want to do "desktop goose" similar software, but do not know the principle, so I look everywhere for answers.

If you agree, you can send me a part of the code or tutorial that makes the window transparent, my email yinshaokai123@163.com, thank you!

My English is not very good, so if I make you uncomfortable, please forgive me.

Hey hackerysk, unfortunately I could not find the sources of the project, however this is where I found how to make the window transparent:

Oh, thank you very much, this is exactly what I need, are you a student or a programmer?

I am a professional with a few years of experience, I work as a Gameplay programmer for Amplitude Studios!

You can pack him as an "exe" with a packing tool.

Are you a professional or a hobby?