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Doguelike is the tale of a shibe, looking for bones to pick in the local dungeon!

It is an idle game, mixed with traditional roguelike: the character explores the area, fights monsters and lives its amazing story on its own!

Follow your Doggos' adventures, as they explore mysterious dungeons, battle powerful foes, discover lost artifacts, and so much more!

Made in collaboration with LucieRoyGraph, for the Procedural Generation Jam 2016. Improved afterwards!

More information

Published108 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMon amiral
GenreRole Playing
TagsCasual, Dogs, Roguelike, Strategy RPG

Install instructions

Extract the entire Doguelike folder anywhere, and run the .exe!


Doguelike_0.1.0.zip (30 MB)


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Mais, pourquoi j'y avais pas encore jouer ? Ce jeu est cool 😃 🌟

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wow. such game. very doge. very cute

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vazy mon 3e doggo il est bien là il meurt pas, je sens qu'il va s'en sortir (edit : à peine je dit ça il a mouru, je suis tristesse)