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Hell yea

Love it but doggo still stops at the same point in Neon's screenshot and does not progress any further, would love to have this fixed was really enjoying the game.

Hey MadMilligan, I'm really sorry it's affecting your experience, unfortunately the development is on hold so I won't be able to fix the issue!
Thanks for playing my game though.

Any chance of a mac build! I'd love to play on my laptop at work!!

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Hey professir, unfortunately I don't own a mac and thus cannot build for macs. Sorry!

EDIT: I actually checked if it was possible and it seems it is! However I don't know if I still have the source code of the game... I'll try but can't guarantee anything.

I think this game is really cool, and I enjoyed playing it! But there's a lil'  bug that I'd like to report, or at least what I think is a bug.

I was playing, and then I died on floor 10 (Yea I suck, hehe), and then I restarted the game, but instead of returning to floor 1, my Doggo was suddenly on floor 29!

I don't know how or why. After I restarted, the game screen went black for a bit and then I was teleported to floor 29. 

I tried to put in a screenshot but I couldn't find it on my computer ;-;

Love the game! I left a review, but thought the comments might be a bit more appropriate for bug reports.

Might've found a bug, or maybe the game just ends very suddenly: when I entered a purple level, the doggo just didn't continue moving. UI worked and all, the game didn't freeze, the doggo just stopped. Screenshot of where this happened: 

The same happened to me! Really disappointed... I had some good items!

I'm sorry to hear that!

Can you send me the output_log.txt file located in the Doguelike_Data folder?
That way I'll be able to see what went wrong and fix it! (I suspect a generation or pathfinding error!)

Really cute art with a pleasant subject. I've been playing it for a little while and I am enjoying it a lot. Good work on it! Maybe an option so it won't pause at passing to the next level of the dungeon? But honestly, it is a really nice idle game. I hope you take responsibility for the time I'm spending on this instead of something else. Not that I'd be productive, but you know.

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Hi! The previous version of Doguelike had doge moving at a normal pace, but this one moves slowly. I want to get back to level 144 like I had done in the previous version, but the slow moving makes it difficult to bear. Can you please add an option for doge to move like it did in the previous version? That is, the one in this video:

Also, please no full inventory! I liked the previous version more, as it never paused.

Hey Buju, thanks for the feedback!

In the previous version, the enemies took turn one by one, which caused the game to be faster when there are none, but much slower when they are many. I changed that so the speed is always the same.

I will add an option in the next build to go back to the previous speed setting, and to discard items when the inventory is full. Have a nice day!

Thanks for the explanations! Yes, Doggo speeding up when there are no enemies is great! It's nice to get a feel for how many enemies are moving around by seeing the speed, and to know that no time is being needlessly wasted.

Regarding handling inventory items, please make Doggo just drink the potions like before. The good point of the previous version was that there was no interaction other than choosing a stat build strategy on the fly. Equippable items should not have negative stats, also, and Doggo should just equip any with higher total stat points, with luck determining their spawn rate, which can be much lower than currently at the lowest luck. With these changes, inventory management will not be manual, and it will feel as nice and relaxed as before.

By the way, in the previous version, when I got to luck values above about 45, the game started lagging extremely on every new floor generated, until at 50 luck, I let it run overnight and it had remained hung, I'm assuming forever.

I'm afraid I want to add even more interactions to the game, so the potion change will not be reverted ^^'

Negative stats are also part of my vision of the game, and are important in my opinion.

Mais, pourquoi j'y avais pas encore jouer ? Ce jeu est cool 😃 🌟

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wow. such game. very doge. very cute

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vazy mon 3e doggo il est bien là il meurt pas, je sens qu'il va s'en sortir (edit : à peine je dit ça il a mouru, je suis tristesse)