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cool game!

Aw, the poor dude in this suit died but at least he looks happy...

Thanks Vincent!

This is so cool! I love how the tape shapes to the suit, and I also liked how I could put as much tape as I wanted. Very creative!

Thanks Pano!

After a few tries I managed to win a few times. Very creative submission! Great job! :D


It was stressful to make it in such short time but I'm very satisfied with it :)

Same here, I couldn't even quite finish mine. lol

What do you mean?

It looked finished to me and it even has good sound design!

Thanks! I didn't get to make the how to play section, I originally had 5 levels planned and had a big boss fight. Higher hopes than time would allow. XD

Ah! There's nothing which prevents you from finishing the game after the jam ;)