The dark souls of pinballs!
Plunderball is a pirate-themed roguelike pinball made in a week for the 7 day roguelike challenge!

Each level is generated, and your health is very limited! Smash the enemy ships with your cannonballs, steal the gold, fight their captains! How far will you go?

Left arrow/Q/A: left flipper
Right arrow/D: right flipper
Up arrow/Z/W: tilt right
Down arrow/S: tilt left
Also playable with a controller!

The development team is composed of:
Artist: Charly "Toolmoon" Bonhomme
Programmer: Jérôme "MonAmiral" Bretheau
Composer: Jonathan "Melissotarsus" Bretheau
Game & level designer: Florent "Salty" Martinais
Artist: Marine "Aryksa" Mauduit
Artist: Rémi "Létal" Métral
Artist: Angélique "Tartine" Moutarde
Artist: Marie-Adeline "Chazlin" Rohard

Sound effects credits:
Imphenzi, Schafferdavid, InspectorJ, Valve

Font credits:
Glupsk, Hokarangens Bokstavfabrik, ROHH Pusia

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsMon amiral, SaltyThor, Letal, Aryksa, Toolmoon
Made withUnity
TagsPinball, Roguelike
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Extract the .zip anywhere and run the .exe!


Download 33 MB
Download 33 MB

Development log


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Enjoyed playing. Found it quite easy. Could use more variety between the boards/levels/areas, and a faster ball maybe.

thanks for the feedback notapipe, I'm glad you liked the game!

Such an awesome concept!  Quite difficult for a pinball game though.

We're glad you liked it Red Binome! Unfortunately yes we had very few time to balance it so it's a bit too hard oops

It's very far from roguelikeness... but procedurally generated pinball might be a relevant genre in the future :P

Was pleasure to play such a polished (in terms of esthetics) game made during a week.

not sure about the roguelike, but had a great time playing it :)

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Hey Adam!
We had to cut some features because of time and other constraints, but we still have procedural generation, permadeath, and RPG elements!

I'm glad you liked our game!

Running this via the browser (Firefox 73.0.1 on Linux) or via Wine I get the menu, UI elements and sound… Just no visuals. Any recommendations?

Other Unity games in the 7DRL seem to be loading okay (but might not be 3D).


Hey BrettW, many linux users seem to have this issue, I'll look into it :)


It works on ff 73.0 on linux, and 74.0 is out too

Also, browser games seem to work better on chromium

Okay, running on Chrome 80.0.3987.132 seemed to work well. Thanks!

This is fantastic!

Thanks ZapJackson!

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Thanks Queenfaith!

I'm glad you liked our game :)