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RogueBot is a top-down bullet hell roguelike with crafting elements and a difficulty that really scales on your level!

Inspired by great games like The Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne, RogueBot offers innovative character evolution and loop-based gameplay.

Character Evolution
In regular games, one run becomes cool only when you find an awesome overpowered item. The other runs, well, they kind of suck.

In RogueBot, you build your character, its weapon, defense, etc., with a large range of powerups! That way, there's more space for decisions-making, and less space for random luck!

Loop-based gameplay

I'm really fond of the whole "Once you've finished the game you've just started playing" thing that's going on in Nuclear Throne.

That's why I'm pushing it much further in RogueBot: when you kill the final boss, your character that you evolved, improved, made awesome, will become the final boss of your next run!

All this contributes to scaling difficulty with your skills, too: because the stronger you get, the stronger your enemies will be!

What now?

The project is on hold for now.

Oh, and you can get more info and stuff if you follow me on Facebook!

PS: Right now, the main character of the game is Robot, who comes from Nuclear Throne. If you don't know about it, you totally should check it out.


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So I downloaded the game, and it seems to completely lack a health bar, multiple floors, upgrades, or even any sort of pause menu. Also, the aim was offset to the right by about an inch. Is this a bug or is the game simply in a very early state? If it's the latter, it would be nice if you could say that in the description.

Hey, I stopped developing the game very early and am no longer working on it!
I have updated the description on the game's page.

Alright, thanks!