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Chat review time! DinkDonk! Chat review!

Weirdchamp Mayhem is a Rosedoodle fangame I made in a week for her birthday!
It's an action-packed shooter poking fun at how many weird first-time-chatters she gets!

- Top-down shooter action, with a super annoying twist: your screen gets covered with Twitch message notifications!
- Play as the adorable Rosedoodle!
- Connect the game to your Twitch channel to use your viewers and moderators' names!
- Kick-ass rock soundtrack!

WASD - move
Mouse left click - swing BAN BAT
Mouse right click - fire BAN GUN

Game music by Anonyment: Crush Any, Gree Stage, and Race for Fame.
Menu music by TECHNOTRAIN: Smile For It.
Fan arts by: mogasa7, OI_IDOL, raityu, mirai76_, Cassafrass, KATSUZETSU_w.

• Version 1.1:
- New boss weirdchamp: yellow!
- "Mod applications open" now increases Health by 2 instead of 1.
- Added arrow keys for movement.
- Added a button to hide the main menu UI in the Settings panel.
- Added new messages, and now weirdchamps spawning simultaneously should always have distinct messages.
- UI upgrades suggested by m0n0lus.

• Version 1.2:
- Updated the yellow weirdchamp to make it even worse.
- Added rosedoodle voice lines!
- Added new powerup: Voice reveal!
- FAMILY powerup now restores all Moderators when it revives you.
- Fixed issues with some new messages.
- Nightbot and StreamElements will now be ignored for Moderator names.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMon amiral
TagsCartoon, Twin Stick Shooter, vtuber


Weirdchamp Mayhem.zip 71 MB


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For a second, I thought that was GirlDM


The curse of green haired cat, being mistaken for other green haired cats...

If you want I did make a game featuring GirlDM some time ago: https://callmemonamiral.itch.io/facetime-with-girldm

yeah, I should play that one but right now, im kinda addicted to Holocure 

funny game