A downloadable game for Windows

Ninomae Ina'nis's mascot is now available for your desktop!

Right click on the Tako and drag the mouse to move them around.
Use the Mouse Scrollwheel to make the window larger or smaller.
When the app's "window"  is active, press Escape to close it.

How to play
When Tako can be fed or entertained, a bubble will appear next to their head! Click on the bubble and pick an option. Each option fills the hunger/fun gauge, gives some love, and satisfies Tako's need for a few hours.

If there is a red arrow next to the need, it means the gauge is slowly draining! If you don't feed or entertain Tako, it will die... Make sure to come back regularly!

If you decide to entertain Tako, you will play a minigame! There are 5 games, each with their own rules and gameplay, but you always play only with your mouse:
- Drawing: draw on the dotted lines to create your masterpiece!
- Bubba: survive as long as you can! Click to whack furniture and enemies with your butt!
- Bloop: reach the surface and escape the terrible monster!
- Death-sensei: reap humans in rhythm and with style! Click on a skull when the two circles overlap for a perfect score.
- Kotori: Remember the clients' order and select the right menu for them!

Original Takodachi character model by Armored interactive, edited by me.
Musics by Hololive Production and Shimtone.
Font by Jayvee Enaguas.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorMon amiral
Made withUnity
TagsCute, desktop, hololive, hololiveen, ninomae-inanis, takodachi, tamagotchi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button
LinksPatreon, Twitter


Takodachi and friends 1.2.1 troubleshoot ZIP 36 MB
Takodachi and Friends 1.2.1 installer 30 MB
Takodachi & Friends save editor.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Please do not hesitate to record gameplay videos!
You may even monetize it, I only ask you provide a link to this page (https://callmemonamiral.itch.io/takodachi-and-friends) and one to my twitter (https://twitter.com/monamiralgames).


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Tako has had their second birthday!!

Happy birthday Tako! Congratulations on taking care of him for this long!

Thanks! Had a few close calls with trips this year, but managed to get this far!

How do I take care of my Takodachi if I'm away for a trip?


I'm afraid you can't, you will have to use the Save editor (downloaded on the same page) to change the "last time seen" date after your vacation!

너무 좋아 모바일 버전을 만들 수 있어?

죄송합니다. 이것은 계획된 것이 아닙니다!

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ok thanks

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ahaa takogotchi game, at work will grab later. don't ask what I'm doing looking for holo fangames at work

So for whatever reason, anytime I open the game it shows me the tab for maybe 2 seconds as it loads and then vanishes. On my tab bar I can see the game is still open and alt-tabbing I can make it my "main" window, but there's nothing there. It's not displaying on either of my monitors. Am I the only one who's experiencing this or is this a common issue that I cam solve?

This might be caused by the window "remembering" where you left it and moving outside of your screens. Did you disable/change your monitor configuration?

Moving / Holding the window with your cursor while it loads might allow you to keep it in place.

Worked like a charm! Not sure why it was acting the way it was but at least the solution is easy. Thank you! Now I need to take care of Tako.

How do you increase Love with your Takodachi? Mine is concerningly low.

You just need to take care of it regularly!

If you don't feed or entertain your Tako for a long time, the Love gauge will slowly deplete.
But it will fill little by little when you feed or entertain him!


I believe there will be a way out at 1000s


If you survive for too long Kronii herself comes to kick your butt (not real)

well now that you've said it I wish it were lol

mission report how goes it?


I haven't been able to pass that time again 😂 most was 888s

Status report soldier


Tako getting old


Happy birthday Tako!


Ok NOW Ia have all the hats, all taken in a legit way o/

Congrats! You are now a professional Tako caretaker!

I've finally done it
the last one


Finally, I Have Them All | Know Your Meme

Congratulations! Not everybody can say they unlocked everything from the game!

I only lasted 2 minutes 😂

You can't escape the law forever!

in the words of the great Matt Mercer "you can certainly try"


I believe there is a way out at 300s

go for it

just saw in Kiara's minigame an order with only 1 item for the first time and that item was chicken. Is that kinda thing supposed to happen more often? because that would explain why those modes always been so difficult
its always (up till now) been 3 items on each order

Hmm it's very rare but it can happen!
The majority of the orders should be too complex to handle several of them at a time though!

(1 edit)

is that meant to say shouldn't be too complex?
ps got all the items now excluding the birthday hat
PSS: could you either add more things to the shop when your able or maybe possibly i could make more 3d models even? learning atm not sure what yours uses
or could you make some sort of long term pause for taking care of our takos because I suddenly have a lot less time on my hand etc
if thats not too much trouble, looking forward to your tomb raiding game


There should always be between 1 and 3 items in the menu I think, but it's been so long I don't remember. Congrats on getting all the items! 🎉

I'm sorry, I am not going to update the game in the foreseeable future and it's time to accept that.

I mean I knew that wasnt going to happen : ) thanks for making the app

 got it finally

King Tako at last! What are your orders?



Aww I've moved onto other projects, sorry my lord!

I'm working on this now, and I'm gonna release it on steam next month:

It's a funny party game about looting tombs and pushing your friends into traps! It's taking me a lot of time and energy so I can't really work on other games, and Takodachi & friends has shipped now.

sad but true, its ship has sailed, but that doesnt mean the cruise has to end
you can always get another ticket
(gen 2) or JP/ID etc

(1 edit)
No description available.
I just bought the royal crown today and found it buggy ... the top is not drawn properly when Tako jumps up

Oh I see how that can be disappointing... I'll fix it when I can!

oh yeah this is what I was talking about with the birthday hat to


Just 4 months to go!


Gotta find candles and a takocake!

(1 edit)

the new games are super fun
I look forward to more coming out
so my tako is 6M 30D rn
and Im having to reset my pc settings which apparently is gonna remove applications
idk if save data does with it but if it does could you send me a save data that has what I had before on it
cause id rather not start over and i cant find the save data myself
(i havent done this before)

Sorry, the save data is in the Windows registry, and thus shouldn't be manually modified!
It is currently impossible to save/transfer data :(

......theres no way? cause uhh
I mean its all gone
and Id really rather not start over
like thats extremely disappointing if I have to start over
idk what the windows registry is

(1 edit)

you cant send me a file that i could then drop into the current that puts me where I was before?
I mean I've done Exactly that plenty of times
is this apps save form different from others?
and if it is couldnt you change it?

After some research, you might be able to export & import registry data, but it requires some work that can permanently damage your computer if you do stuff you shouldn't.

First, open the Registry editor by searching regedit in the Windows start menu:

Then, navigate to the Takodachi & Friends folder which is located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MonAmiral\Takodachi and friends:

If you left-click on the folder, you should see something similar to me: that's all the data that the game stores. You can then right-click and select Export:

Make sure to export only the selected items, not everything! It would be catastrophic to transfer all the data of your old computer to your new computer:

Save the file and transfer it so that you can use it after resetting your computer. Once everything is reset, double-click on the file and it will apply the changes, and the data should be transferred.

I have not tested this! If you want, you can send me the file and I will use it to see if it works.
Hope it helps!

I'm not transferring to a new pc
I reset the one I'm using rn
like resets done
idk if the files there but ill look for them
they should be sense it only deleted the aplications nothing inside them

I haven't played the new games yet, I've been busy with the holidays speaking Of Which MERRY CHRISTMAS ADMIRAL


Heck yeah christmas hat!!!

Merry christmas friend! I hope you have a good time!

you didnt get the joke about the date last time but this time its actually a milestone

Oooooh now I see the joke from last time, oops!
Congrats on the 6 months!

Also did you see I released the game I was talking about? 👀

(1 edit)

nope But Ill play It Now

Finally beat my old record! Getting close to 50!

You have quite an impressive memory! You're promoted to KFP team manager!

Is there a way to recover my little Tako in my new system?

My old system got corrupted and I had to temporarily remove all files and now that it has been fixed can I somehow bring back my Tako? I still have the files from before.


Unfortunately there's no way to bring back a Tako from the past, unless you move your computer clock day by day to take care of them everyday you missed!

Oh. My old system's wiped out so I guess my little Tako's gone.

Thank you for creating little Tako. It was fun taking care of the little one.


May they rest in peace 😔


hows it going?

Hell yeah 4 months! Even my Tako didn't last this long haha

I'm working on other Hololive-related games!

I'll release them all at once when they're finished, which should happen in... less than a month? I hope so at least, because I also have many other projects I want to work on!

is this a completely separate thing or part of the takodachi app

Completely separate, and only minigames, with no tamagotchi!

minigames? as in minigames plural?!

Yep, one for each HoloMyth member like in Takodachi & Friends! I'm going to start working on Kiara's tomorrow!


It's going pretty well

Yeah I saw that on Twitter, I'm glad you still play and take good care of your Tako!

How do i get coins? :<

You win coins by playing minigames when Tako wants to be entertained!

You can play minigames anytime, but it'll give you coins only if Tako needs to play.

thank :3

both versions i download haven't successfully launched or they launch but do not apear on my screen when they do

I'm going to need more information to help you.

What version of Windows do you have?
When starting the game, do you see the game window appear and then disappear, or does it not show up at all?

windows 10 and the game starts up the unreal enjine logo shows in the window and i can hear the music plus the icon is in the  task bar but nothing els

The issue might be related to your screen configuration then! The game automatically moves to the far right of your screens, maybe it's on a screen you're not using but that's still active in Windows?

(1 edit) (+1)

I have had the same issue. While it's not a permanent fix, you can get around it by clicking and holding onto the top bar while it loads. The tako will load in and stay on screen after you let go.

And make sure you right-click to move it before anything else, or it may disappear when you scroll or click off


thank you

(1 edit)

I'm just here to say that I got ALL the hats (excluding the time based ones). I'm playing this game since the shop was implemented, so it took me a bit of time in order to complete the game lol

NIce job Mr. Dev, you did a terrific job o7

Whoa that's quite the achievement, congratulations!
I knew there would be people who would want to do it so I made the Royal crown very expensive but still doable with a lot of effort, you've well earned your gamer™ badge hehe

The grind was real tho, but it was a nice ride! I have a question, no two: if I change the date on my pc in order to meet the requirements for buying the remaining hats, will the tako survive the time shift? And if it dies, the hats are gone forever? I don't want to prematurely end the life of my old ass tako :(

When changing the date of your PC the tako will die unless you move day-by-day and take care of them everyday!

However, if you ever lose your tako you will still keep your money and your hats!


Ah thank you for the reply! That's great for the hats! Aaaand less great for the tako :( I think I will wait, I don't want to mess things up lol

Im sure you know but its something I only recently noticed and that is that if you just click to either draw or play a game to take care of the Takodachi when you need to and then just close the app it will just give you the points without you doing anything

and I may have asked this before but are you considering ever allowing us to use things other then the Takodachi as the on screen mascot (whatever you call it) ya know like using Bloop instead or Bubba et? I know that can be quiet a bit harder I just started 3d modeling myself but I thought it was worth asking

Yes, quitting the minigames early still gives you money, it initially was a bug but I don't mind!

It is doable to change the main character model but I do not want to do it because then the drawing minigame and the tentacle gripping the phone would no longer make sense.

the drawing game would still make sense they can all draw after all
(excluding maybe Ame)

I could draw new menus, I don't mind
I'm an artist for a reason after all

but if you still don't want to that's fine I get it

just a bit of an observation but
at kfp
shouldn't they be serving some chicken?

They're serving buckets of fried chicken and one of the burgers has a chicken patty!
I actually based it on the KFP "official" menu! https://kiarafriedphoenix.com/menu

(1 edit) (+1)

Im Totally not blind

(1 edit)

not sure how hard it would be but could you add a setting to change the bgm so its not always Ina's old bgm you could use the remixs or the new ones people have made I know there are playlists out there for them each of the members not just Ina's specifically

That's a good idea! I'll add it to the list!

(1 edit)

cool I look forward to it

(1 edit)

so uhh you said you might add IRyS... and now we have a whole other gen
wasn't expecting them to debut so soon after their announcement, obviously it would take a long time to do but will you do them as well? or just IRyS for now and stop

Hehe yes I thought about it!
Adding IRyS and the whole gen 2 sounds very tempting now! I don't know if they all have a mascot like gen 1 does though...

But I'm struggling with finishing a commercial project (gotta make money!) right now so it might not happen before several months unfortunately.

Yeah I understand. by mascot do you mean for outfits
so things like bloop etc?

Not the outfits, I meant the characters in the minigames like Bloop.
Since it's Takodachi & Friends it's important to have a mascot friend in each minigame!

But who knows maybe Ina will make mascots for everyone! Or they already have one and I haven't seen them.

(1 edit) (+1)

Baelz has Mr. Squeaks, Sana has Yatagarasu amd Mumei has Friend! 

Also Ina said she's working on a mascot for IRyS!

oo I look forward to seeing what she comes up wit

it did come to my attention that if you were to block yourself in on Bubbas game you could just farm coins... well sort of till a cop spawns on you not sure if you care but thought it was worth mentioning and in the kfp mini game sometimes the game seems to mix up which burger is the right one

I am aware of the exploits in Bubba's minigame, but since you can play it and make money only 25% of the time, and the exploit in itself is pretty boring, I won't fix it hehe

If you find a situation where the KFP game mixes things up, can you please give me more details on what happens? A video of it happening would be perfect, and using NVidia Experience for example you can easily record the last minute of your screen.

understandable, I wouldn't wanna bother with it either
I'll see if I can get a recording but I've only see it occur twice
but from what I remember it seems like the color of the brown burger will sometimes show up as white
or it could be something else

If not its understandable but is there a way you could make it so we could take care of the takodachi via phone when we don't have our computers around it'd be helpful for people going to work long shifts or school etc

While it looks too complex to synchronize your save between PC and mobile, it is doable to make a mobile version! It is a lot of work though, so I don't think it will happen for now.

I figured but maybe one day

Not sure how easy it'd be to do but it'd be nice if when you switched to another members outfit the bgm changed to match

That's a good idea! I'm adding it to the list for a potential future update!

another thing will you add IRyS eventually? as well as any other future EN members? I know you've said your doing other projects  but I thought it was worth asking

(1 edit)

That's also a very good idea! And so many people are suggesting things to add, I might end up doing it hehe

I look  forward to it
Thanks for all your hard work man

(1 edit)

This is so frickin adorable and I didn't know I needed this in my life so badly until I heard about it from somewhere else on the internet! I hope the development with this continues to progress smoothly and stuff.

I'm glad you enjoy the game!

I have since moved on to another project and probably won't update Takodachi & friends further, but who knows?

how do I give Tako love?

(1 edit) (+1)

You just need to take care of them regularly!
Each food and fun actions give some love, and love decreases slowly if you don't take good care of your Tako!

If you want to increase love rapidly, I suggest picking the option which allows you to feed/entertain Tako often: these give less love but more often!

Not a bug per say but just something I realized when you put the takodachi partly off the screen and hover over the bottom application Icon only part of it moves which looks weird

(1 edit)

found another small bug, while drawing all sound still plays even if both settings are set to mute
edit- just found another while previewing the shop the royal crown  has a transparent gem or maybe its just not there at all

The transparent gem is caused by the green screen: since the gem is green, it becomes transparent... I should just change its color!


Both issues have now been fixed in the 1.2.1 version!

Not sure if its caused by a setting or if its a bug as I just downloaded the update but for some reason Bloop's bubble is semi transparent allowing you to see whatever is behind the tab/app doesn't seem to be a problem anywhere else

This issue was present before the update, and I have no idea how to solve it unfortunately.
It is caused by the way Windows and Unity interact, and I spent a very long time on this issue, to no avail :(

I've actually had this same problem with a unity project before. The problem I had was that everything was set to one layer. So using Bloop as an example. The background, Bloop and his bubble, and the bricks are all part of one layer. 

This made it so when I wanted to set one item partially transparent, everything on that layer that touched it became transparent as well.

I fixed it by making sure that the background was a completely different layer and not just set to be behind my object.

Not sure if this will help, but I hope it does!

Hello Again! So I came across a small issue. For some reason my Age timer went back to 0. The Tako is still alive and well. It's stats didn't change or anything like that. The only thing I can think of is that it's been 1 month so maybe it's supposed to show the months and it's not.


Oh yeah that's weird! I'll investigate it!

Congrats on the monthvesary though!! 🐙🎊


The issue is fixed in the 1.2.1 version! Darn copy-paste got me, tsk tsk

There we go, 1 month and 4 days! Thank you for the fix!


great! I cant wait for to see what you have plan for this cute app!

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